Friday, June 5, 2009

Slaying Goliath!

Ok I forgot to write about Monday - Monday is field trip day and for this field trip day we went to several places in the bible. We saw were Samson was from and where he probably killed the lion and hung out with Delilah. We then went to an overlook of the valley and mountains where the Philistine and Israelite armies camped while Goliath made his challenge. We then got a little closer, parked the bus on the side of the road and ran to the valley to slay our own Goliath... I'll have to upload a picture cause its kinda hard to explain...
(picture curtosy of trish's blog because mine is currently broken...)

Because he was so skinny it made him a lot harder to hit with the slings but I did get a lucky shot that brushed his head. I think Kyle was the one who finally got him down. I think a lot of people resorted to just throwing the stones in the end - David was a much better shot. I'll have to write about our awesome spelunking experience when I get some pictures because words won't do it justice.

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