Saturday, June 27, 2009


So on our way to our first destination at Petra we stopped at Mt. Nebo which is where Moses got his first look at the Promised Land that he would never enter. We then went to Shobak castle which was left behind by the Crusaders when they conquered the Holy Land (that's what we're jumping on)
A camel in Petra
Me and Aubrey in front of the monastery carved into the mountain at Petra.
The famous Treasure in Indiana Jones, the Last Crusade - It is actually not the location of the Holy Grail, but instead a tomb, with only a few small rooms, but still very cool. By the way, Petra is, as of 7/7/07 one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It is also where Mission to Mars was filmed (because of the really red rock) and rumor has it, part of the new Transformers movie....
Me and Monica in our cool blue kafias. They actually kept us pretty cool, and at the least they hid the sweat. They are very popular here, especially the red and white ones because thats King Abdullah II's favorite color i guess.
Supposedly the View of the End of the World in Petra (Rachel, Karyn and me)

I love Corinthian Columns!
The chariot race was pretty intense. Also I love white horses.
Me and Ashley with one of the gladiators.
Raven, me and really big, delicous pita!
Go Jordan!

King Hussein's Bugatti
Me and Bethany in our very modest raincoats - we had to wear these to be able to get in the blue domed mosque in Jordan.
The Jordan River, at one of the possible sites for the baptism of Christ.

Overall I really liked Jordan a lot, I like the people and I think they are amazing. In fact I think all the people here are pretty special. I wish the stereotypes of people in the Middle East didn't exist. I wish more people realized how devoted they are to God and to their families and how much they love their country. I think when you get it down to the center and to what's really important, it is very easy to find similarities between ourselves and them. So that's Jordan.

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  1. Awesome Jenna! I really love looking at all your pictures and readiung your stories, I haven't had a chance to read your e-mail yet, but I'm excited to! and I promise I am going to respond to your e-mail from like 1 or 2 weeks ago :/ eeks sorry for being so terrible at that! I love you and I love hearing about your Jerusalem adventures and that you're safe!!