Monday, March 3, 2014


If you haven't heard, we are having a baby. Well I am... I still haven't decided the best way to word it. I guess we will both "have" the baby, I'll just be the only one doing the birthing part. "We're pregnant!" doesn't work really well... Either way the big day is September 22nd! Our little one will arrive just days before my 26th birthday and I get kicked off my parent's health insurance. Thank you President Obama.


We found out pretty early we were pregnant. No waiting for missed period here. Some of us aren't patient enough for that. We were surprised, shocked, excited, etc., etc., pretty much every emotion you can imagine. I got an appointment with the doctor the next day and she confirmed. From then on it was slight nausea, fatigue, aches, etc. However, I couldn't have asked for a better husband during this time. Garrett has been so helpful with meals and cleaning while I kind of just sit around... When I throw up, he shouts encouraging words such as, "The night is darkest just before the dawn" and "At least we know you're still pregnant!" Which, I'm not being sarcastic, that actually is comforting to think about when you're hunched over the porcelain throne and need to leave in 15 minutes for work. I tried lots of different foods, hoping for something to keep my tummy happy. I developed into a social eater, only able to consume full meals around those unaware of my pregnancy in an effort to avoid suspicion...  And last week I discovered the wonderful food that is grapefruit!
I bought some plump, juicy grapefruit at the store and it was an instant balm for my upset stomach. It left me wondering what other grapefruit type foods are there? How much grapefruit is TOO much grapefruit? And is there an easier way to eat this food? I also eat a lot of ginger chews which has Garrett wondering if our child will magically come out as a red head... JK, that's just me teasing him. I also get more emotional than normal at really random times... I cry on cue when this song comes on:

But, some wonderful news! After an especially rough nausea day yesterday, today I feel 100%! I'm coming on the end of my first trimester, and today I ate 3 very normal meals free from nausea! I felt GREAT! We get to go see the doctor again next week. I found out today my uterus is the size of grapefruit (coincidence?) and it is causing a tiny bump to show.... to the point that on Friday one of my students asked me if I was pregnant... :/ I asked her why she said that and she looked at my tummy and said, "Well... you kind of look pregnant..." I followed her gaze and to my surprise, AH! There was a bump sticking out of my school spirit shirt! How did that get there... Eating too many grapefruits or something like that. I brushed her question off and pretended to go help another student.


Work is going well for both of us. Since I officially will not be teaching next year, I feel a huge weight off my shoulders as the other teachers stress and pull hair over the big tests coming in one month. Did I mention testing is a big deal in Texas? They don't mess around and my school is essentially in panic mode and all I can think of is 2 more weeks until spring break... 3 more months till summer...

Garrett is working through bugs and problems and work and is enjoying his job more and more. They are keeping him more and more busy, but rewarding him for his efforts. We do like this company a lot and are looking forward to at least a few more years with them. It is nice when your hard work and effort gets noticed by your boss and appreciated.


Yep, we are on the house hunt! Garrett looks at and Zillow religiously and last weekend we went on a couple "dates" Friday night and Saturday looking at neighborhoods, going to open houses, and walking through model homes. We have an awesome realtor and are excited to look at a couple homes this week! Our goal is to have decided on a house by the end of this month so all the lovely paperwork and moving and closing and stuff can be done by the end of May when our current lease is up. We shall keep you updated.


We are looking forward to having Garrett's parents and grandparents coming to visit us during my spring break! We love having family come down! We're going to experience this crazy event called the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (which apparently is a big deal down here)
and show them San Antonio. Everyone should probably come visit us, especially after we have a home down here, then you'll have a place to stay!

They do the rodeo in the reliant stadium where the Texans play. It goes on for 3 weeks and almost every night they have a live concert with people like Brad Paisley, Maroon 5, Zac Brown Band, etc.