Saturday, June 27, 2009


So on our way to our first destination at Petra we stopped at Mt. Nebo which is where Moses got his first look at the Promised Land that he would never enter. We then went to Shobak castle which was left behind by the Crusaders when they conquered the Holy Land (that's what we're jumping on)
A camel in Petra
Me and Aubrey in front of the monastery carved into the mountain at Petra.
The famous Treasure in Indiana Jones, the Last Crusade - It is actually not the location of the Holy Grail, but instead a tomb, with only a few small rooms, but still very cool. By the way, Petra is, as of 7/7/07 one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It is also where Mission to Mars was filmed (because of the really red rock) and rumor has it, part of the new Transformers movie....
Me and Monica in our cool blue kafias. They actually kept us pretty cool, and at the least they hid the sweat. They are very popular here, especially the red and white ones because thats King Abdullah II's favorite color i guess.
Supposedly the View of the End of the World in Petra (Rachel, Karyn and me)

I love Corinthian Columns!
The chariot race was pretty intense. Also I love white horses.
Me and Ashley with one of the gladiators.
Raven, me and really big, delicous pita!
Go Jordan!

King Hussein's Bugatti
Me and Bethany in our very modest raincoats - we had to wear these to be able to get in the blue domed mosque in Jordan.
The Jordan River, at one of the possible sites for the baptism of Christ.

Overall I really liked Jordan a lot, I like the people and I think they are amazing. In fact I think all the people here are pretty special. I wish the stereotypes of people in the Middle East didn't exist. I wish more people realized how devoted they are to God and to their families and how much they love their country. I think when you get it down to the center and to what's really important, it is very easy to find similarities between ourselves and them. So that's Jordan.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just a quick note before I go to Jordan...

Gazing out from the rooftops of Jerusalem...

This morning at 6:15 me, Rachel and Karyn went to the Church of the Holy Sepluchure - 6 different churches have a claim to this building and so there are several different mass/services going on at once... its a little crazy...
The note I just found TODAY that Anne Pearson left for me at Aladdin's! I'm kinda embarrassed that it's taken me this long to find it since I have been there several times... But thanks Anne and I love you girl!
Yes, I carried Rach part way up the hill to the center and she carried me as well - by the way, the hill up Mt. Scopus to the JC is a beast.
I'm off to Jordan bright and early tomorrow morning. Happy Father's day to all the wonderful dads, specifically my own who just happens to be the best and to my wonderful brother who is soon to be an awesome father as well. Thanks for reading!Me and my handsome dad at my senior prom.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another week in beautiful Jerusalem!

I thought for this week I would just upload some pretty pictures from the things that I have been seeing and experiencing on a day to day basis. (By the way, I didn't take all these pictures... I just like all of these pictures)

Trish took this pictureThis is a Torah scroll, Trish took this picture as well.
I took this one - its from the arch way that leads into the Dome of the Rock
I took this one too - the skies here are so blue, they match the Dome perfectly.
I got this one from Rachel. Its the tomb where Christ was resurrected.
This is Rachel's picture as well.

This week was filled with some ups and downs. We are over halfway through our time here in Jerusalem and it seems weird to think that we have been here for this long and still have so much left to go. This place is beautiful, the people are wonderful and I am learning so much. I was thinking about the incredible opportunities that I have been given. That I was born into the church, into my family, in America. That I have received a good education and have been able to continue that education at BYU. That I have had help and support to continue my education. That I have had good health. That I have been surrounded by such wonderful people who continue to support me even though I am thousands and thousands of miles away. That I am here, in the Holy Land, studying the history, the culture, the current events and most importantly the gospel. I have learned that this place is rich in history, everywhere you turn something is hundreds or thousands of years old, some major culture or people occupied this area, this incredible story happened here or there and its all in this very tiny space. Israel is ridiculously small! I have learned that the people here are incredible, on both sides of the conflict. Their culture is rich in religous undertones. They are friendly, love to hear about you and where you are from. It is hard not being able to share the gospel with them. I love learning about the culture and customs here, ones that are close to our own and others that seem very foreign, as well as those that probably wouldn't hurt us to adapt in our own countries... I have learned that the current events here are sensitive, confusing, and fill people here with very different emotions. I knew they weren't easy to sort out when I came here, but living among this people and hearing forums, speeches, going to classes taught by people on different sides to the issue and talking with the locals I have come closer to understanding both views but further from making my own judgements. I have grown spiritually here. My testimony has been strengthened and the reality of God's presense in my life has grown. He doesn't just exist, He is there and very aware. He created the immensity of space and came to earth to heal hundreds physically and an infinite number of individuals spiritually.

I'm sorry, I didn't meant to go off on a tangent like that and honestly it's kinda awkward sharing feelings on a blog.... but I guess I just did it. Have a great week!

Tribute to my hometown that I miss despite this wonderful place:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Herding Sheep, the Dome of the Rock, and other things

Egyptian Party!
In the Garden of Gethsemane
Dominus Flevit - Where they believe Christ looked out over Jerusalem
Me and the JC!

Herding Sheep
Making Pitas! Camille, me, Rach and Steven
In a Succoth

Friday, June 12, 2009

Seder Dinner! Celebrating Passover in Jerusalem

Our Judaism teacher helped us have a legit Passover, complete with all the right food, singing Hebrew songs, narrations and the hiding of the Matza! Here's some pictures...These are my awesome roomates, Emily, Aubrey and Calli. We were trying to take sexy pictures but I couldn't stop laughing so it wasn't very successful..
Me and Rachel with our Judaism teacher who led the Seder, Ophir Yarden. His kids were there too and they were so cute!
view from the Oasis (where we eat dinner) of the city at night
Ritual hand washing with Matt.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pictures from around JrU!

Steph and Andy
me, rach, aubrey and russel celebrating emily's 22nd birthday in west jerusalem! pizza and gelato!
Jerusalem is beautiful, i love the alleyways
jewish kids playing in the jewish quarter

trying out my new camera, it does pretty good i think :)
the guy on my left is my new boyfriend. he takes me on his bike sometimes and lets me shoot his big gun...