Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another week in beautiful Jerusalem!

I thought for this week I would just upload some pretty pictures from the things that I have been seeing and experiencing on a day to day basis. (By the way, I didn't take all these pictures... I just like all of these pictures)

Trish took this pictureThis is a Torah scroll, Trish took this picture as well.
I took this one - its from the arch way that leads into the Dome of the Rock
I took this one too - the skies here are so blue, they match the Dome perfectly.
I got this one from Rachel. Its the tomb where Christ was resurrected.
This is Rachel's picture as well.

This week was filled with some ups and downs. We are over halfway through our time here in Jerusalem and it seems weird to think that we have been here for this long and still have so much left to go. This place is beautiful, the people are wonderful and I am learning so much. I was thinking about the incredible opportunities that I have been given. That I was born into the church, into my family, in America. That I have received a good education and have been able to continue that education at BYU. That I have had help and support to continue my education. That I have had good health. That I have been surrounded by such wonderful people who continue to support me even though I am thousands and thousands of miles away. That I am here, in the Holy Land, studying the history, the culture, the current events and most importantly the gospel. I have learned that this place is rich in history, everywhere you turn something is hundreds or thousands of years old, some major culture or people occupied this area, this incredible story happened here or there and its all in this very tiny space. Israel is ridiculously small! I have learned that the people here are incredible, on both sides of the conflict. Their culture is rich in religous undertones. They are friendly, love to hear about you and where you are from. It is hard not being able to share the gospel with them. I love learning about the culture and customs here, ones that are close to our own and others that seem very foreign, as well as those that probably wouldn't hurt us to adapt in our own countries... I have learned that the current events here are sensitive, confusing, and fill people here with very different emotions. I knew they weren't easy to sort out when I came here, but living among this people and hearing forums, speeches, going to classes taught by people on different sides to the issue and talking with the locals I have come closer to understanding both views but further from making my own judgements. I have grown spiritually here. My testimony has been strengthened and the reality of God's presense in my life has grown. He doesn't just exist, He is there and very aware. He created the immensity of space and came to earth to heal hundreds physically and an infinite number of individuals spiritually.

I'm sorry, I didn't meant to go off on a tangent like that and honestly it's kinda awkward sharing feelings on a blog.... but I guess I just did it. Have a great week!

Tribute to my hometown that I miss despite this wonderful place:

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  1. That's incredible Jenna, thanks for sharing and thanks for keeping us updated on this blog. Ya'll have taken some seriously incredible photos too!