Sunday, October 4, 2009

GaLiLeE day 9

So... I'm finally going to finish blogging about Galilee... 2+ months after the fact....

Day 9 (July 21st) - We went to Tel Hazor and Tel Dan - both really old, really ancient cities. I have to admit, I have grown to appreciate places like this so much more now that I'm not around them anymore. I'm a little ashamed to say it, but we got kinda tired of seeing just another really old city by the end of the summer. In America we get really excited when we see something that's 100 years old. In Israel, at least 2000 years old is the norm. We actually got to the point where things we'd see from the time of Christ didn't really seem "that old." Basically Israel is so cool.

After Hazor and Dan we went to Caesarea Philippi where Peter testified of Christ and Christ promises him the sealing keys (Matthew 16:13-19). The cave in the picture of this place below was literally believed by the pagans at the time to be the gates of Hades.

After that we visited a pretty waterfall, visited Nimrod's castle and looked at the Syrian border. We had a campfire, smores and a talent show that night.

Tea party at Nimrod's castle... after 4 months and 6,000+ pictures, you start getting creative.

Caesarea Philippi with Aubrey and our ancient near east teacher Brother Skinner

Tel Dan sinkhole (?)
Tels are hot. Fanning is necessary.


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