Monday, August 17, 2009

GaLiLeE day 5, 6, 7 and 8

Day 5... We visited Gamla and Qazrin. Gamla was an ancient Jewish city. It's where we get our name for camel because the hill looks like a camel's hump. A lot of Jews here killed themselves when the Romans attacked. We hiked to see Israel's highest waterfall here. Qazrin is another ancient Jewish city. It was cool to see this place because you could see what the homes looked like during the time of Jesus. Later that day we went on a hike on the Golan Heights.
A dolman - grave things that are about as old as Abraham (only in Israel would you find something like this on the side of the road...)

The highest waterfall in Israel!
Me and my fellow Tennessean sportin the camo in Qazrin!
Rabbi Aubs

Where the expression, "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" comes from...
An ancient family in ancient home...
On our hike in the Golan

Just another skull on the side of the trail in Israel...
Everyone act like Jonah!

Its tradition...
Tribute to Big Rig! i love you girl!

Day 6... We went to church with the branch in Tiberias
By the Jordan - a lot of people are baptized here
Our humble abode

Day 7... Class and free day on the beach. We caught like over a hundred mollusks - I don't really know why, it got to be kinda ridiculous but really addicting. Don't worry, we threw them all back. We did catch them to eat them, but that never happened.

the mermaid I made - I know, it's amazing.

Day 8... We explored the Jezreel valley - we went on Mt. Tabor, one of the believed sites of the transfiguration. We went to Nain where Christ raised the widow's son back to life. We went to Beth Shean and ancient Roman city. Our last stop was swimming at Gan Ha-Shelosha with the fish that ate the dead skin off your feet and tickled like crazy!


Beth Shean
Gan Ha-Shelosha

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