Sunday, October 4, 2009

GaLiLeE day 10

This was our last full day and night in Galilee (July 22nd). The morning of the 23rd we headed back to Jerusalem. Basically I'm just going to put up a lot of pictures of the Sea of Galilee.... so enjoy :)

We went to Sephoris (a city that Christ may have gone to to work with Joseph as a boy), Akko (this really cool sea side city that has a lot of crusader history) and then we went to visit ancient Jewish tombs. It was a pretty good day. That night we had a testimony meeting. We thought a lot about Christ's last night in Galilee. This place was His home. After He left Galilee it was on to Jerusalem to preform the greatest act of love that has ever been done in the history of anything.

Akko has a lot of fish.
and a lot of spices
and a lot of hooka...
Studying on the beach... Kristin, Marie, Katie, Aubs, me, Emily and Amy

Aubs, Amy, me and Rachel
Thank you!
So this one time Aubs got sick in Galilee.... and Amy was nice enough to make her a sign.
I love Mary Lou Funk!
Dan always gives me lots of positive encouragement... I was never really sure what he was trying to say...
I love the Browns!
Flower girls!
Crazy boy
This antelope guy was all over Israel - I finally took a picture with him. He's like their national parks symbol.

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