Monday, January 27, 2014

Life of Late

It has been a few months since I posted, but that just means you get to hear very quickly about some really fun things!


Was wonderful! We loved it! From running in between families, spending time with new babies, seeing Katie and Tom's cute new home, Tay and Mandy's really big dog, and eating lot of delicious food ("I haven't eaten a dinner this good in 6 months!" - Garrett while we were at Grammy's and Grandpa's... Don't worry, I still feed him) it was just a wonderful holiday!

Ryker just wishes he could be as cool as his Grandpa :)

Dog pile! Lincoln was really into it. He pretty much gets really excited about everything, it's hard to get him to calm down...

 The first thing we did was celebrate Garrett's 26th birthday!!! He is officially an adult, according to President Obama, and so it was a pretty big deal. We had a mini surprise party and a larger family celebration that night. We had a wonderful Sunday evening dinner with the Lake side of the family complete with a talent show where we preformed the Book of Mormon according to Dr. Suess, the Nativity, and a family gift giving tradition. We had Christmas Eve dinner with the MacKay's complete with a fun book exchange bingo game, crazy photobooth pictures complete with props, and another delicious dinner. We spent Christmas day with the Welsh family watching the little kiddos open up presents from Santa and play on their new play set (there was more delicious food there as well of course).  The rest of our break was spent hopping around and loving every minute of it!


We were smart and did not plan ahead for New Years. New Years Eve was our first day back and unfortunately everyone had already made plans, so while Garrett was at work I blew up 6 balloons, one for each hour, filled with fun things for us to do (and some serious things, too.) After dinner we started popping balloons and had a lot of fun just us two. It was a nice first New Years celebration for our little family.


It wasn't super easy going back to school, but I survived. Most of the kids were really glad to be back. I started a competition between my classes which has helped behavior and work ethic a little in my classes. I've changed a few things around as well and it really is helping. The principal came and evaluated me for my official evaluation and it was a lot better than my last one... Oh! And we had a snow day! Everyone's making fun of the South, but those roads were apparently quite dangerous... freezing rain is something I would want to mess with, so both Garrett and I worked from home that day. (Odds are good we may have another snow day tomorrow! Crazy town...)


Garrett went back to work right away. He's been very busy in this new year. He had his evaluation with his boss as well and it was all pats-on-the-back and we-loves-you and please-don't-leave-us and we-will-pay-for-grad-school and no-you-probably-can't-transfer-to-the-Boise-office but here's-a-raise-we-usually-don't-do-this-in-just-6-months. :) I am very proud of my hard working man and we are very blessed! Here's to the near future complete with late night online classes and surviving life in Houston for a few more years!!!


Aubrey totally surprised me for Martin Luther King weekend! I was so shocked! Garrett did such a great job at keeping the secret! She showed up in my bedroom at around 11 pm Thursday night! I was mostly frightened at first to be honest, and then I was really surprised and excited. Friday night we went to the horse races, Saturday we went to NASA and Galveston, and Sunday we went to church and watched some football and Sherlock. Monday we went on a little shopping trip and got really lost... but we survived! I was sad to see her go, but it was so so fun to have her here in this crazy city with me!
Galveston, O' Galveston!
Inside that building was a very big gas rocket...
I may or may not have lost $2 at the horse races... Aubs may or may not have lost a little more than that....


Since we will not be leaving Houston in the near future to relocate closer to family my new plan of action is to relocate my family here.... Any help from any of y'all in recommending the Houston life to my family and friends would be greatly appreciated. I have officially sworn off hating on Houston. More positive blog posts with absolutely no ulterior motives to come...

Here are some websites to aid in our efforts of persuasion...


Stay tuned for hopefully some more exciting blog posts in the future... 

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