Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ein Karem

Today me, Rachel, Katie, Elise, Tyler and Alex went to this little town called Ein Karem. It was such a neat little place, i really liked it. It was really relaxing but I still felt like I was accomplishing something... Ein Karem is where John the Baptist was born. We first went to a synagoge and saw the Chagall windows which are these really abstract stained glass windows which were done as kind of a gift for the new state of Israel. The show all the 12 sons of Jacob and kind of sum up their blessings.

After that we hiked across the side of this mountain/hill, got kinda worried cause we thought we were lost, but then we found someone to give us directions and found out we were right where we were supposed to be! I am always so grateful for those people out there who have a good sense of direction... that's such a great gift to have...

Anyways, we saw some cool churches, they were all closed though cause it was Sunday, ate gelatto, talked and just enjoyed this cute little town. It was really fun. I really enjoy going into the surrounding small towns and just hanging out. It's a lot less crazy and just a really good day.

This is a picture of the church of the visitation where they think that Mary met Elizabeth as she was coming into town.

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