Monday, April 6, 2009


I can't believe that in just 3 weeks I'll be leaving for Jerusalem! This semester has flown by! Only like one more week of classes, then finals, then my family comes to Provo for Reni's graduation and then I leave the U.S.A for 3 and a half months....

The news and everything around us highlights all of the terrible and selfish things that people do on a daily basis. Preparing for this trip and trying to pull together the resources to actually make this a reality has shown me differently. I cannot believe the generosity and selflessness of the many people in this world, so many of them I am so blessed to know! I feel such a strong desire to help whoever I can, and to share what I have, even though I don't have a whole lot. Today that meant sharing my salad with my roommates... lol. Not much, but seriously, none of us have a lot, so just help with what you can, whoever you can. Anyways, a little off topic, but I have just been incredible touched, and am honestly finding a hard time coming up with the words to express that because "thank you" just doesn't seem like enough right now.

Well, I'll keep you posted. Time to go get the necessities for my trip and make sure everything is in order before I leave. I found a ton of awesome books in the library about Israel and the Holy Land and I've been reading and learning what I can when I have time - everytime I do it makes me that much more excited to go!!! There are so many awesome things over there to see and learn and do!

(the picture is of a widow's mite - its one of my favorite bible stories)

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  1. Good for you, sharing your salad!
    That's gonna be so so fun for you & such a good experience!